Monday, May 19, 2014

Great Reasons to Visit Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. It is a particularly meaningful location that has some of the country's important events that have occurred on its soil. Maybe you could be wondering what could be the great reasons to visit Berlin as a result of many people recommending that you go there for holidays. The following are some of those reasons:
Rich History
The rich history that Berlin has is one of the reasons that make it one of the best destinations for holidays. The history is reflected by iconic landmarks in the city such as the iconic Brandenburg Gate, which is former city gate that dates back to the 18th century. Another popular historic area in the city is Checkpoint Charlie. It is an old crossing point found between the west side and the east side of Berlin. We cannot forget to mention the Wall Memorial which is another important landmark found at Bernauer Strasse in the city. The city has many sights, structures or museums to visit and get the feel of the turbulent past of Berlin.
Many musicians, artists, designers as well as travelers come to Berlin Germany in large numbers year in year out and as a result making it a city that has a lot of people with inspiration, ideas as well as good character. It is a city that is forever changing since people are constantly coming and going. That makes every visit to it unique. On your stay, you can immerse yourself into the bubbly culture in Berlin which includes things such as outdoor karaoke, street art, beautiful museums as well as temporary pop stores, just to mention a few.
Berlin is one of the cities in Western Europe that will not require you to spend a lot of money when you are there, even at the peak of summer. The meals are very cheap - their price can go for a third of what they cost in Paris. The rent is very cheap and you can use bicycle transportation that will not cost you a lot when you are visiting the tourist destinations and other places. If the weather is bad to move around the city using bicycle transportation, you can utilize Berlin cards as well as day tickets to comfortably move around.
If you love clubbing then Berlin is the definitely the destination you will need to be on your holiday. The clubs here are open during the weekends as well as every night of the week. These clubs attract renowned DJ's across the world who make sure that the people who come there experience unending good sounds. You will also be privileged to be part of live acts from famous and also up-coming bands. The tickets to these clubs are relatively cheap and the venues are usually superb with energetic and passionate fans.
Berlin is one among the few capital cities that boasts of a variety of parks, greenery as well as canals. Templehof airport is an unused airport found here and it is a famous location where the people can zoom up as well as down on runways with anything that has wheels.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cheap Travel and the Trolley

"Ding Ding goes the Trolley" - How appropriate for our trip to San Francisco. We were fortunate enough to travel at a discounted price when we visited San Francisco. The sites we beheld were absolutely breathtaking. We were struck in awe. My wife and I traveled via jet into San Francisco International Airport. From there we were taken away to a subtle bed and breakfast where we enjoyed our evening. The next morning, we hurried and got our things together so that we could see the sights.
This being the first time in San Francisco we had been told to go to Schooners Restaurant as the dining was impeccable. That was on the list. Hopefully, we could avoid the weight gain and stay active while we were traveling. However no weight loss occurred. We journeyed out of our bed and breakfast and went to China Town. What a beautiful scenic environment. It was if we had traveled to China. Deep into the marketplace, we bartered and traded items and met some very pleasant and accommodating people who showed us even further into the heart of China Town where we saw dances and celebrations take place. We were very blessed.
We next discovered the Chocolate Heaven. Yes, our travel was complete: The Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. Once we tasted that chocolate, we knew we had to have some and you guessed it: Take Some Home. We planned on sharing but that was still optional based on the heavenly experience that we had tasting the chocolate. We started hoping for weight loss after only a few minutes in the store. We pondered if Joe Montana was ever in the store.
On our list of travels we were off to Lombard Street. To ride the trolley, stroll the main streets of San Francisco and to discover and explore the scenery and beauty of this portion of California. As we arrived, the Red Trolley scurried up and down the street with people getting on and off the trolley traveling to their next destination. We looked down Lombard Street and wondered how many people have actually seen this famous crooked street aside from the individuals who live here.
Next we traveled to Fisherman's Wharf the home of Pier 39 and we didn't know that Fisherman Wharf had gained such adoration and importance by the citizens as well as tourists. The Sea Lions assembled on the rafts lie in the sun as if to tan themselves and the ''Silver Man" who acts as a robot. What a great act that was. Off in the distance we visualized Alcatraz Island. Little did we know that the island housed such prisoners as George "Machine Gun" Kelly, Al Capone to name but a few. We plan to travel back there to take a tour of Alcatraz Island.

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Budget-Friendly Ski Holiday in Les Menuires

When you think of skiing, Les Menuires is often the first resort that comes to mind in the Alps. While it may not be the most high profile of the resorts in the Three Valleys, once someone has been there, its facilities, convenience, and downright beauty often mean they are extremely keen to come back at every opportunity. Another reason this lovely resort is often top of the list is that there are plenty of ways you can make your money go further here.
Plenty of Good Deals
Before you scour the Internet to find what you think are great winter holiday bargains, it's important to keep your expectations realistic. Keep in mind that anything that is offered at less than 25 per cent off a real find, but do read the fine print and inclusions. Les Menuires often has some excellent deals offered by operators, but they don't last long so you need to get cracking and book early!
Get the Discounts
For budget-friendly skiing, Les Menuires has plenty of options to take up once you've arrived. Look out for regular discounts offered by on-site merchants. For example, when hiring the various pieces of equipment you'll need, local shops often offer a discount of up to 20 per cent if you rent the whole set. Renting skis and poles can also be much more affordable when you rent them for longer periods. Several equipment rental shops are conveniently located in the resort.
Watch Where You Shop
It will help stretch your Euro if you buy your food from the local supermarket. Unless your chalet is fully catered, it will help to do a big shop and eat breakfast and dinner inside your chalet rather than dine out every day. For your days on the pistes you can take along a prepared packed lunch, or stop at any of the many mountain restaurants for inexpensive coffee and snacks.
Get the Right Passes
For those who are serious about skiing, Les Menuires often serves as an access point to explore the rest of the extensive Three Valleys area. Even if you intend to stay within the confines of the resort it still benefits you well to purchase a pass to cover the Three Valleys, as it allows for the flexibility of discovery and exploration. In terms of cost there is only a small difference so it's well worth the extra.
Have some 'Happy Hour Awareness'
Who doesn't want to stretch their money a little further on their holiday? Even beyond the skiing, Les Menuires is a perfect place for a budget-friendly break. Once the lifts shut down (at around 7 pm), you can swing by one (or several) of the local bars. Most of them offer discounted drinks during happy hour. The resort, despite its sleepier reputation, has a lively apr├Ęs-ski scene, and it's a nice way to cap the evening after a tiring day on the slopes.